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Car scents - the manufacturer

"The brands  are losing their power of attraction. Most of them  operate on a 2D plane refer to two senses only -  the sense of sight and the sense of hearing. Meanwhile, the results of the recent survey vindicate  that over 75 percent of our emotions are stimulated by the coming smells''- Martin Lindstrom.


The car scents affect  all human senses...

Fragrances and colours will attract everybody's attention...

Car air fresheners called 'car christmas trees' are the  inexpensive and effective advertisement.

We are the manufacturer not an  agent of the car scents!

Car scents are the effective advertisement because they affect people's subconscious.

Air fresheners  in the form of the car scents activate the sense of sight and smell.

In conjunction with an element of surprise your advertising air-fresheners will leave an ineffaceable impression on your customers.

If You want to advertise Your products or company effectively, we recommend the execution of advertising car scents. Aromatic air-freshener is an effective and impressive form of advertisement.

Through the repeated eye contact it consolidates perfectly in a recipient's subconscious- the car users and his passengers. The logo of the product or company is seen by eyes and the scent from the advertising pendant finds the way to the sense of smell also activates the imagination of the customer.

The well -designed car scent attracts people's attention who pass a parked car.

A car scent is small and light so it can be a perfect gift for your contractor given in a letter.

An advertising christmas tree is a perfect advertising gadget on the trade fairs. The advertising pendants are a good alternative for the ''ubiquitous'' lanyards and pens.

It is a product which will pass muster perfectly during the social action or electoral campaign ( a photo of a candidate).

An advertising car scent is indispensable as a gadget on the trade fairs.

An advertising freshener does not end his life in the bottom of the drawer(as it usually happens to gadgets) but advertises the name of the company as long as it is hanged on the rear-view mirror.

Advertising car air-fresheners as small and light gadgets are suitable for inserts, enclosures for letters.

Due to their  functionality and the purpose of use reach a large group of  recipients.

The investment in advertising pendants is well spent money for advertisement!!!

Some significant features of our products:

- the aromas we use have all the required certificates of quality ( IFRA recommendations )

- the printing inks have all required certificates

- we produce  every shape of car air freshener

-we provide the wrapping which which prevent the escape of the aroma

The fresheners can be stored for half a year without deprivation of the scent and colour.

The durability after opening minimum three weeks.

The most popular aromas: antitabak, lilac, fresh citron, grapefruit, apple, jasmine, coconut, lily of the valley, the flower of the lime tree, orange, lavender, woodsy, mint, sea scent, oriental, sport-deo, leather scent, vanilla.

Other types of aromas are also available.